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While we’re certainly not looking to scare you into buying new siding, we do think it’s important to know what to look for that could indicate the need for siding replacement. If your siding simply looks worn down and a bit chipped, you’re probably okay for the time being. However, there are signs that you definitely need siding repairs and/or replacement in the near future to avoid more serious damage:

1. Broken/damaged siding

This is easy to spot almost immediately. Broken siding is not only ugly, but it also leaves your home at risk of water damage, critter infestations, mold and mildew, as well as other expensive issues.

2. Mold and Mildew

Unless the siding is composed of concrete or brick, you’re more than likely dealing with a porous material that provides ideal environments for mold spores to prosper. Situations involving mold and mildew mean that the entire area needs to be replaced for the safety of everyone.

3. rotting

You don’t have to have mold in order for rot to occur, but you need to ensure your siding is fully intact in order to prevent rot. If the integrity of your siding has been compromised, it absolutely must be repaired and replaced.

4. decreased temperature insulation

If you’ve noticed that your home has started absorbing more heat than usual in the summer or is getting very cold in the winter, your insulation could be allowing outside air in through unnoticed weaknesses in your siding.

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